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  • Zolix offers so many standard precision manual positioners to solve nearly any motion requirement from research,companies to OEM applications. Zolix has linear translation stages, rotation stages and precision actuators to fit most any application. Select a manual positioner product category below to learn more about the manual positioning solutions Zolix has developed over 14years of working closely with all the products.

    How to choose Linear Stages?

    Zolix offers extensive selection and high quality llinear stages. Customers choose according to different travel,sensitivity,material,bearing ,actuators .and other related specifications.
    The main specification of our linear stages are below:
    Sensitivity: 1um,2um and 3um
    Travel:13mm,25mm,50mm,75mm and 125mm
    Material: Stainless Steel and Alluminum Alloy
    Bearing:Crossed-roller,Ball bearing,Dovetail.
    Actuators:Micrometer and Screw
    Besides,Zolix supply X , XY, XYZ,XZ,YZ and multiaxis linear stages.
    Please contact us freely if you have special requirements size and others.

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