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    Imaging Spectroscopy how to solve blur imaging of coma and astigmatism.

    The structure of C-T spectrometer use a spherical mirror as the imaging element, because light is not ideal point light source and result in most of signal are off-axis state, off-axis signal imaging will form a coma, on the other hand, off-axis optical signal through the imaging optical path, in the focal plane
    sink into space on different positions, and the two directions perpendicular to each other to form a short line, this phenomenon is called astigmatism;coma and astigmatism will
    lead blur and the optical properties of imaging spectrometer are affected.
    Zolix has long-term R & D and design,  has solve the traditional spherical mirrors aberration caused by the larger issues, through non ball
    Imaging mirror, Zolix OmniEvo image correction spectrometer inhibited the astigmatism, make off-axis signals is the same position on the focal plane assembly in space, obtain the clear image, thus improving the signal strength, enhance the
    the signal detection of spectrometer; Because of the improvement of image quality, OmniEvo spectroscopy can also be used for spatial resolution experiment
    Realization of multi channel real time detection.


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